Why Onkyo Products are better

Why Onkyo Products are better

Onkyo is Audiotronic’s flagship brand and with the quality of sounds that they produce, this should come as no surprise.

Onkyo, Japanese for “sound harmony”, are a leading audio brand that is well known all around the world. Onkyo products provides the engine which drives your movie or musical experience with balance and signal accord – leaving you with an audio experience like you have never heard before.

Onkyo design and manufacture a wide range of audiovisual products that, when combined, offer the very best sound and visuals that you can possibly need.

Their list of products include:

• Amplifiers
• Audiovisual Packages
• Blu-ray Disc Players
• Compact Disc Players
• Hi-Fi Components
• Home Theatre Receivers
• Tuners
• Accessories and Headphones

Through years of intensive research and product development, combined with unrivalled industry knowledge and experience, Onkyo have emerged top of the pile in the audiovisual industry, manufacturing products that are not only of the highest quality, but also designed to last through many years of high quality sound and visual experiences.

When buying any of Onkyo’s products, you’re not simply buying an amp or a speaker, you’re making an investment into the audiovisual experience you’ve never had before.

Audiotronic proudly stock a wide range of Onkyo, our flagship brand, and our staff are all well trained and have years of experience in the industry, which means they are always on hand to offer expert advice on new purchases or adding certain components to existing systems.

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