Big Bass Without The Wires—OK, One

The advantages of Polk Audio’s new line of wireless high-performance subwoofers can be summed up like this: one power plug and you’re done. Yes, it’s now that easy to really turn up the bass in for your music, movies, games and TV programs.

We’ve redesigned our top-of-the-line DSWPROWI digital subwoofers so they can be connected wirelessly to virtually any home entertainment system using the optional PWSK-1 wireless kit, simple plug-and-play kit adds lossless performance capabilities to any of these subwoofers in seconds. This gives consumers (and installers) more placement options than ever, plus the best possible bass performance without the hassles of subwoofer cables.

The wireless system for the three new DSWPROWI digital subwoofers is made up of a small wireless dongle that connects to the subwoofer’s amplifier plate. No additional AC power connection is necessary, because the dongle connects to the amplifier’s power supply.

An optional compact wireless transmitter connects to an A/V receiver and sends bass signals to the subwoofers; there is no latency, no compression, just big bass for your viewing pleasure.

Polk’s New DSWPROWI Subwoofers With Optional Transmitter Are Available In Three Sizes:

  • The compact DSWPRO440WI features an 8″ subwoofer and a new Energy Star® rated amplifier with 300 Watts of clean amplification.

  • The DSWPRO550WI employs a 10″ subwoofer and a new Energy Star rated amplifier produces 400 Watts of power.

  • The flagship DSWPRO660WI pumps out the ultimate bass impact with a 12″ subwoofer and a powerful 500 Watt amplifier.

System Power 400 Watts
Crossover Frequency 40 Hz – 180 Hz
Dimensions 16 1/8″ H x 15 1/2″ W x 15 1/2″ D 17 1/8″ H x 16 1/2″ W x 16 1/2″ D 37.15 cm x 34.93 cm x 34.93 cm 40.96 cm x 39.37 cm x 39.37 cm
Weight 41 lbs
Speaker Warranty 1 year electronics,3 years speakers


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