Audiotronic’s flagship brand Onkyo, translated from Japanese as “sound harmony,” provides the engine which drives your movie or musical experience with balance and signal accord.

Audiovisual AV Packages

With Audiotronic, South Africa has access to either an Onkyo 9-channel amplifier or a 9.2-channel network A/V controller with which to deliver superior dynamic response and signal purity. This is the core of a home entertainment assemblage.

In terms of mini-systems, Audiotronic offers both CD hi-fi and 5.1-channel home cinema receiver/speaker packages from Onkyo.

Blu-ray Disc™ Players

Audiotronic offers Onkyo’s Blu-ray Disc™ affordable option as well as an all-in-one solution for high-definition (HD) music and movie output. All this in almost any format whether Blu-ray Disc™, DVD, or CD storage is used.

Compact Disc Players

Audiotronic’s Onkyo range of CD players is sleek, ergonomic and visually-appealing, providing output with superior fidelity.

Hi-Fi Seperate Components

Audiophiles created the term “high fidelity” to describe a sound reproduction system that is particularly effective at playing back sounds. These sounds resemble the original source. The Onkyo range of hi-fi components live up to that definition.


Audiotronic’s Onkyo DAB+/DAB/FM tuner makes available best-of-breed radio reception.

Accessories and Headphones

Audiotronic’s range of home entertainment accessoriries include: Onkyo wireless LAN adapters, Bluetooth USB adapters and iPod/iPhone/iPad docks – providing connectivity to mobile devices and the outside world.